Sailing Sweets – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Cake

You can have a piece of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker with this fantastic-looking cake version by Nerdache Cakes.

Zelda Wind Waker cake by Nerdache Cakes image 2

Remaking popular Zelda games, like the updated HD re-release of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker coming October, isn’t just a job for Nintendo. Nerdache Cakes in Fairview, New Jersey shows us their delicious version of the 2003 GameCube classic in cake form.

It’s obviously missing the added Wii U bonuses of Off-TV play & Miiverse interaction that Nintendo is providing in Winder Waker HD, true enough, but you can’t possibly get anymore cel shaded than this sweet-looking cake. Oh, and you can eat it, which is also a huge plus.

Zelda Wind Waker cake by Nerdache Cakes image 1

Now parts of Nerdache Cake’s creation is roughly actual cake (surprising, yes) – mostly Link’s sailing vessel, the King of the Red Lion, minus a few parts carved from foam and chocolate – while Link, Zelda, and the rest meanwhile were impressively molded from fondant.

I’m sure all that fondant rolling and shaping wasn’t an easy task. Heck, most people would have cheapened out and slapped down action figures instead, but it’s really cool to see someone go the extra mile. Especially for something that’s soon to be torn down and munched on.

Zelda Wind Waker cake by Nerdache Cakes image 3

Kudos to Nerdache Cakes for their nerdy passion and hard work in making this tasty Wind Waker tribute. If you need a cake or dessert, particularly of the geeky variety, then you should totally give Nerdache Cakes a call by visiting their website or Facebook page. Do it!

It’s a shame (or a good thing) that this screen is between us, because I would so dive my jaw face-first like an angry shark on the Discovery Channel into this awesome cake. Guess I’ll have to settle for diving my eyes into terrific Iron Maiden cosplay and how to search for aliens on the dark side of the moon right here on Walyou.