Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse with the Perfect Gun

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse is key. And while having food and water stocked in your home is essential, do you have the right kind of weapon to fend the zombies off and protect your family and friends?

The zombie apocalypse is about more than knowing where to go to get supplies and driving a car that can really kick some zombie but, it is also about having the right weapon to do the job. Picture this – you are at the abandoned shopping mall because you need to get to the pharmacy and restock on medical supplies. All of a sudden a few straggler zombies start approaching. What are you going to use on the zombies? A bat, which requires close combat, or this gun?

Yea, I think you would go for the gun. I’d definitely go for the gun. No questions about it.

With everyone well aware that the zombie apocalypse is more than just a rumor, two shop owners in Jonesboro, Georgia has decided that early preparation is good preparation by creating the ultimate zombie-killing gun.

Known as the AR-15 Mall Tactical Zombie Destroyer, this must-have gun is mounted with nine 30-round magazines, three lasers, four flashlights, and three sighting options, allowing the user to kill zombies at 100, 200, and 300 yards.

If you are heading near Atlanta and decide that it is never too early to start preparing, head on over to Moss Jewelry and Guns and ask for Fred and Barry. They will hook you right up! And do not feel nervous about going into the store and asking because interest in killing zombies has been stirring for a bit and there is quite a large population of shoppers already looking to ensure they remain alive when the sun comes up after the Night of the Living Dead.

I know where I’m going on my next vacation.

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