Gruesome DoubleStar Corp Zombie-X AK with Chain Saw

Shot Show 2012 is one of the most important events for the gun community and this is where gun writers from across America and even other countries come to try new shooting gear, firearms and hunting equipment.

While guns are usually used to hunt animals and eliminate people, movies have had us believe that zombies somehow can manage to escape annihilation with bullets. Thus, zombie hunting requires special weapons that are far more dangerous and scary to look at. I ain’t sure if this is a toy or the real deal, but Shot Show 2012 saw a Zombie exterminating weapon that looked really evil.

The DoubleStar Corp Zombie-X AK with Chain Saw is one of the most bizarre and scary weapons that I have ever come across. The AK weapon comes with a chain saw at the other end and if you have watched enough zombie movies or played enough games, you would know that bullets can do no harm to them unless you cut them into pieces with such saws. The man who presents the video looks gleeful to the point of me thinking it is just a tiny and that he is having fun at our cost. I can’t be sure but I would like to believe that this is not a toy, but the real deal.

Well, if zombie epidemics were to really happen, who on earth can save humanity but a few weapon bearers like the sniggering man in the video? Only, one may have to make sure that they have enough practice using this evil Zombie-X AK with Chain Saw; otherwise they might end up losing several fingers before getting to kill a zombie. If you are really worried that there might be a zombie attack in the near future, you could move into this Zombie-proof Fortress. If you like zombies and wanted to dress up like one, you could also try and take a look at this weird Zombie Hoodie.