20 Of The Weirdest Beer Flavours

We like beer (or any form alcohol) as much as the next person,  however, even we do sometimes draw the line, particularly at bizarre aberrations of it. Listed below are 20 weirdest beer flavors, that range from the good, the bad, and the surreal, and most of them leave you hankering for a saner drink like water. But, if you are the adventurous sorts, then next time you crave beer, try out  a pint of Pizza Beer or a tipple of Meat Beer.

Crème Brulee Beer

Sure it sounds sophisticated (it is inspired by a European dessert after all), but is it as sumptuous as its namesake?  Probably not, but the makers do promise an aftertaste of burnt caramel and sweet vanilla.

The Wostyntje Mustard Beer

The perfect bottle to open up while watching a game and kicking back with hot-dogs. Since it is made up of mustard seeds, expect it to be a little pungent and also tangy.

Banana Bread Beer

How can anything taste bad that promises a heady flavor of banana, bread, and beer? Kudos to UK company Wells and Young’s Brewery for thinking out of the box and meshing three popular elements together.

Pizza Beer

Tom Seefurth’s Mamma Mia Pizza Beer has artificial flavors off oregano, basil, tomato and garlic, but its  low alcohol content (4.5 percent) that really worries us honestly.


Is it a bottle of beer? Is it a bottle of milk? Wait, it’s both. If while growing up you skipped milk, then this is the best way to get your calcium fix. The Japanese beer contains 30% milk, but unfortunately only available only in the Exotic East.

Champagne Beer

This hoity-toity beer will resonate with the posh page six crowd. The Krait Prestige Champagne Lager not only looks like a Champagne bottle, but also contains actual champagne.

Cab Cola & Beer with Dragonfruit

An alcoholic take on the legendary Coke Float, as it is an interesting mesh of Dragonfruit, Coca-Cola, and good old lager.

Porterhouse Oyster Stout

Another beer that has the posh factor. As the name suggests, this one is brewed with oysters, along with dim malt, fry barley, and black malt.

Barley Tikka Vindaloo

Next time you decide to feast on some Indian cuisine, order some Barley Tikka Vindaloo along with some poppadums. This spicy concoction will help you wash down your curry as well, but think twice before embarking on the always potent spice route.

Original C Cave Creek Chili Beer

Not the most popular beer out there; however, the Serrano pepper that sits ominously right in the center of the bottle, makes it worthy in our eyes.

The Tomato Beer


A beer that actually strives to be healthy (talk about an oxymoron). Full of vitamin E, the beer is even recommended for children, though I would advise you not to take this seriously.

Chocolate Donut Beer

We like chocolate and we certainly like donuts, so how can we not be tempted with this one? Brewed by Shenandoah Brewery in Alexandria Virginia, this one will get a nod of approval from your neighborhood cop as well.

 Maple Bacon Stout

PETA supporters should stay away from this one, as it is brewed with bacon and maple syrup. Makes us wonder who came up with such a bizarre flavor at Goose Island Brewery?

Nectar Ales Humboldt Brown

Doesn’t sound too exotic does it? Well, what if we tell you that it is brewed with toasted hemp, a fiber collected from plants in the cannabis family? This intriguing beer has flavors of pine, cocoa, and peanuts and won a bronze metal at the 2006 World Beer Cup.

?Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

You would thing we would heart something that has words like beer and geek in its name, but boy are you wrong. This beer is hard to fancy since it brewed with Vietnamese caphe cut chon coffee beans, made from the droppings of weasel-like civet cats. Bet, we lost you at the word dropping!

Cannabia Beer

Not impressed by the Nectar Ales Humboldt Brown? Well, maybe you will get a high after gulping doing the Cannabia, which contains 140 different aromatic compounds of the cannabis family.

Key Lime Pie

The Key Lime Pie is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, as it is brewed with fresh limes, milk sugar, graham cracker, and marshmallow fluff. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Miyamori Wasabi Ale

The wasabibeer  is not for the fainthearted; as it packs quite a lethal punch and may just knock one down with a single sip.

Kinshachi Okazaki Hatcho Miso Lager

If the wasabi beer scares you (we don’t blame you) then maybe you can opt for the miso flavored beer. This exotic beer has a hint of candy and caramel and emits a slightly sour aroma.

The Peanut Butter Beer

Nothing spells comfort than a peanut butter sandwich, and the wise folks at Blue Moon Brewing Company have tried to capitalize on this. The beer has notes of peanut butter and caramel and there is a hint of creaminess as well.