Swine Flu Surgical Masks Designs offer Protection in Style


With all the craze and scare against the Mexico Swine Flu epidemic, we keep seeing people on the news with the masks on their faces in hopes of protection. It seems that those flu masks are not fashionable enough for some, so designer styled masks were released to keep us optimistic against this current scare.


These Swine Flu surgical masks seen at the Telegraph are not presented here as the remedy or solution for the Swine Flu but as another precaution that some have taken. It is not the only mean of protection against the Swine Flu, but actually here to keep us smiling during this scary time.


We hope you enjoy the mask selection provided here and take it lighthearted and with a sprinkle of humor. If you are looking for different kind of masks, then the Darth Vader Gas Mask is one for Star Wars fans and perhaps could fit in this list as well.

24 thoughts on “Swine Flu Surgical Masks Designs offer Protection in Style

  1. Justin.

    Can you please get in touch with me. I am very interested in purchasing the lower skull mouth leather face mask

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  7. How To Prevent Flu.

    Definitely a creative way of making light of a bad situation. Unfortunately, most of those models of masks won’t do much to prevent the flu in the first place. But if someone were to decorate effective masks.. hmm. Now there’s an interesting market for you..


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