Coffee Re-Warming Stick

If you’re a geek, you probably run on caffeine. And if you don’t get your fix from soda or energy drinks, you’re probably partial to coffee beans or tea leaves. But the problem with hot beverages is keeping them that way. One concept might help with that.

The rewarming stick does what it says. You dunk it in your favorite beverage that’s gone cold, whether it’s coffee, tea, or cocoa. Wait a while, and your cold cup of blah will return to its piping-hot, life-giving glory. This design by Hyewon Lee does it in style. This is perfect if you have a favorite mug that can’t go in the microwave. If this thing make it to market you can have a stylish way to never have to sip nasty cold coffee ever again.

Coffee stick

Coffee stick

If you want a really cool way to make coffee in the first place, you’ll definitely want to check out our post on a Darth Vader concept coffee maker. You’ll also want to check out our list of gadgets to help you survive your day in the office. It includes a personal coffee maker and a tiny fridge that holds a soda can if you’re interesting in drinking something cold instead of keeping a hot beverage hot.


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