Homemade Star Wars Republic Commando Helmets

One very resourceful crastman recently created four home made Star Wars Republic Commando helmets, and they look awesome.

republic helmets

Each helmet is designed to mirror the helmets from squad members from the Star Wars Republic Commando video games, and the artist has faithfully done so.

According to his blog, which details the entire process, the artist cast all four helmets in his workshop, starting with a simple basecoat of satin white before moving on to add the distinguishing marks on each helmet.

republic commando

Each helmet is somewhat personalized, with a different paint scheme and added details and gadgets. For instance, during the weather process, the artist added different battle damage and scratch marks to each helmet using a process involving sanding, blackwashing, drybrushing and even scratching. On one helmet he even went to town with a torch burning masking to graft burn marks on it.

republic helmet diy

Other details including some very resourceful, and cost effective, uses of styrofoam and office supplies. For the radio gear on the communications expert helmet, he used the cap from a Sharpie marker and a pen for the antennae. For the glowing visors, he used high-intensity LED strips and taped them to the inside.

star wars helmet on head

The best thing about these helmets is that the artist made more than one. Often times we get to see some really cool Star Wars gear, but it’s only ever made for one. Where’s the fun in that? It’s always better to go out in style with friends than on your own. Unfortunately I think these helmets were mostly intended for display pieces, but it’s nice to see that they can actually fit on a person’s head.

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