Killer Caffeine Concept: Darth Vader Coffee Maker

Franchises create merchandise, which create money, which create more merchandising because the people upstairs want more money. George Lucas has squeezed his Star Wars saga for every dollar it can create through every possible medium so far – Film, TV, video games and on to toys, bed sheets, clothes and pretty much anything you can think of.

Darth Vader products are especially popular. Villains turned good guys always make for popular characters with audiences, and Darth Vader has transcended way beyond popular a long long time ago. Steampunk Vader, a Darth Vader hair dryer, alarm clocks and gas masks.

The Coffee Maker market has also been reached, with quite a few people around the world getting their morning cup of java while looking at greatest fictional character of all time. Still, this product could be even better.

David Wade Evans over the had a brilliant idea on how to make his coffee experience much better – by adding the famous Darth Vader noises, meaning heavy filtered breathing, to the morning routine of the timer-set coffee machine.

I’m pretty sure that the first one to pick up the gauntlet and add this feature to the next line of Darth Vader coffee makers will die a rich and happy man.