Life Sized Optimus Prime Statue Stands at 22 Feet

Halloween may have passed, but it doesn’t mean that various creations aren’t still popping up that are simply out of this world. As a perfect example we now see the Life Sized Optimus Prime statue that has greeted Trick or Treaters last Halloween. optimus prime transformers life sizes statue halloween

Created by Brady Gage of Monkey5Studios at Newberg, OR, this Optimus Prime is a beautiful Transformers creation that deserves a lot of respect. As it was presented, it stands to 22 feet, yet if it was standing straight up, it would even be as high as 25 feet.

optimus prime statue halloween 2010

optimus prime gun art 2010

optimus prime life sized statue 2010

Optimus Prime Generation 1 was created mostly with 1×2’s, 2×4’s reused foam and Gorilla Tape. Moreover, to help with the Food drive, additional Transformers costumes were made of Bumblebee and Ironhide which were created out of cardboard and additional tape.

life size optimus prime arm

optimus prime transformers statue halloween 2010

optimus prime replica statue life sized 2010

All in all, these local Transformers Halloween statue and costumes has greeted over 2200 Trick or Treaters and helped raise over 350 pounds of canned goods for local shelters. I guess the Transformers do care.

bumblebee iron hide transformers costumes cardboard halloween 2010

bumblebee transformer cardboard head

bumblebee transformer cardboard costume halloween

For all the images including actual in-progress construction, check out Brady’s Facebook Page. For other creative and amazing costumes you may have missed, check out all our entire Halloween section or the funny Angry Birds Costumes.

optimus prime statue life sized halloween 2010

giant optimus prime statue halloween 2010

Awesome job Brady…thanks for all the info 🙂

3 thoughts on “Life Sized Optimus Prime Statue Stands at 22 Feet

  1. Brady Gage.

    Hi. I built Prime and also painted up The Mystery Machine you see in the background. It was my first time building a robot, let alone one that’s 22 feet tall, so if you can do a better job then please try and post your own photos. The picture used here shows Prime being braced for 45 – 55 mph winds before Halloween. His arm holding the gun being extremely heavy, I thought I would try to give him a little extra support; otherwise the beams were not needed. I am proud to say that as of today March 8th 2011, Prime is still standing just fine 4 months later and I havent destroyed him yet in order to remove him from the yard. We served over 2200 trick-or-treaters and collected 350 pounds of canned pet and people food for local shelters, so please use kind words as it was all for a good cause. More Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide and Brawler pictures can be seen on my website if you can take a look.

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