Metal Gear Rex LEGO-fied; How You Can Make One Too

Create your own Shadow Moses incident on a small blocky scale thanks to a creative LEGO builder.

LEGO Metal Gear Solid REX V.2 modeled by ragnarock01 image 1

Metal Gear Solid’s mechanical namesake Metal Gear Rex – the monstrous bipedal weapon-of-mass destruction that can easily be foiled by a rocket-launcher strike to the cockpit – has just received the LEGO-treatment thanks to hacker-alias ragnarock01.

And like any pro LEGO builder, to which many aspire to be yet always fail (well hey, those blocks are quite easy to lose, I have you know!), ragnarock01 used ingenuity and possibly every Danish building block under-the-sun to construct this amazing replica, making sure to nail down every key detail in full MGS scale.

Because truly the last thing you’d want to do on the Internet is try to make an exact duplicate of a well-known videogame figure and badly smug some of its finer aspects – that’s a BIG no, no around these parts.

LEGO Metal Gear Solid REX V.2 modeled by ragnarock01 image 2

No such fudging-up here, though. Heck, I know Octacon would be proud. Plus you too at home can take on the task of building a LEGO-fied Metal Gear Rex with ragnarock01 step-by-step documentation that can be found via (the awesome source of this story by the way.)

LEGO Metal Gear Solid REX V.2 modeled by ragnarock01 image 3

Just be sure to give credit back to ragnarock01 and Eric Rief for your final results. A simple request, which is all they ask in return. I would also like to ask you to stay tune to Walyou where we’ve got tons more LEGO things from the world wide web, like Castlevania movies and A-Team vans. Yes. The A-Team van. And yes, it’s flippin’ fantastic.

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