Amazing Custom Paint Job Nintendo Consoles

These pretty Nintendo consoles created by a fan are a must see! So, jump on in and see them!

Zelda Nintendo 64 gold console by Zoki64 image

MTV’s Pimp My Ride (…is that show even still on? Exhibit where are you?! Please, Exhibit, let us know you’re still alive!) meet “pimp my Nintendo console,” because what you’re gawking at is a collection of rad-looking gaming machines painted up by deviantART-ist Zoki64.

Taking every Nintendo-made machine or handheld produced in the last decade or so, Zoki64 took great lengths to give these consoles a masterpiece quality makeover with their own proper theme, like the beautiful Legend of Zelda N64 or the kick-ass Super Metroid SNES.

Super Metroid Super Nintendo orange by Zoki64 image

Orange, by the by, is an awesome color for a gaming console. Truly attention catching in any setting, and quite surprising to me as to why more videogame hardware manufacturers seem to ignore the color and often chose boring stale colors like grey or black.

Green Game Boy Advance by Zoki64 image

That’s why Zoki64’s paint jobs are mighty impressive. They’re bold designs that you or I would be immensely proud to host in our entertainment ecosystems (too bad you can’t own any of them, doh!) And you can see a gallery’s worth of them by visiting Zoki64’s deviantART page and share your love there. Tell your friends, too!

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