10 Geeky Gifts For ‘Mr. Robot’ Fans

Are you a fan of Mr. Robot? Or perhaps, you are looking for a perfect gift to give to a ‘Mr. Robot’ fan? May it be your roommate, sibling, or partner, these 10 geeky gifts will certainly not disappoint them!

Depending on your friend’s personality, scroll on and find any of the products below which would best suit his or taste. Of course, as long as the logo from Mr. Robot is featured, that is enough to satisfy any Mr. Robot fan out there.

With this, tell us what you find most fascinating in the following Mr. Robot themed products:

1. FSociety T-Shirt

Fsociety T-shirt mr robot gifts

This Mr. Robot t-shirt features the “fsociety” mask logo that is printed on a 100% high-quality Preshrunk Jersey Cotton (185 gsm) with a highly detailed twin needle stitching on hem & sleeves.

2. Mr. Robot Mug

Mr. Robot mug gift

If you’re both a coffee drinker and a Mr. Robot fan, you shouldn’t miss a Mr. Robot themed mug on your kitchen cabinetry. With this, drink coffee from a cup of ‘Mr, Robot’ themed mug, while you watch some of its series on Netflix.

3. ‘Our Democracy Has Been Hacked’ iPhone Case

Mr. Robot Phone Case

This Mr. Robot phone case is made from durable plastic which is ideal for to be molded perfectly. For more, you can create your own personalized theme case. So, if you’d like another quote printed from Mr. Robot, you can have it your way!

4. Mr. Robot Pins

Mr. Robot pins

Something to style with your sweatshirt, pouch, and even just to add to your Mr. Robot pin collections! You can buy it individually, or as a set.

5. Mr. Robot Tumblr

Mr. Robot Mug

This P-Jack Mr. Robot Auto Tumblr can hold 400 ml with no leakage and is convenient to carry. Its stainless steel insulation can hold a high-temperature resistance.

6. Mr. Robot Mask (Fsociety)

Mr. Robot fsociety mask

Something to wear during the Halloween, or simply to hang on your wall. If your friend loves the collection of masks, definitely get him or her this Mr. Robot Fsociety mask. As they say, “We are fsociety, we are finally free, we are finally awake!” – Anonymous.

7. Christian Slater & Rami Malek Portrait Drawing

Mr. Robot Portrait

An amazing hand drawn art of Christian Slater and Rami Malek, Giclée print, with full details stated on the back. If you’d like to watch a time-lapse video by Sarahasart, you can get a view of it here.

8. Mr. Robot Wheelbarrow

Mr. Robot Red Wheelbarrow

Any Mr. Robot fan would love to read more about the series. With this, a true fan would highly appreciate Elliot’s journal, Red Wheelbarrow, which is written by Sam Esmail and Courtney Looney.

9. We Are Fsociety Shopper Bag

Mr. Robot Bag

This fsociety bag is 100% natural cotton and is perfect for spot of shopping and carrying of books. If you happen to find a friend who’s a student and loves Mr. Robot, you should definitely get him or her this. Talk about the perfect geeky gifts!

10. Mr. Robot Keyring

Mr. Robot Keyring

It is a metal keywring, single-sided that includes a simulated leather back. The touch of Mr. Robot fsociety logo on a keywring is certainly one of the perfect geeky gifts for ‘Mr. Robot’ fans.