Rubik’s Cube + Lego = One Awesome Retro Toy Mod

When the Rubik’s cube was launched in 1980 it was awarded the Best Puzzle of the year. Till date it is still considered to be one of the top selling puzzles. Both youngsters and adults enjoy spending time with this wonder cube. While many only aim to solve the puzzle there are others who try to give it their personal touch.

On the other hand there are the LEGO blocks that again guarantee hours of fun and entertainment. While small constructions work for children, adults spend time creating marvelous creations. The fan following for both the Rubik’s cube and the LEGO blocks is magnanimous. One such fan is Andreas Nortmann.

Nortmann could be considered to be a fan of both the Rubik’s and the LEGO blocks as he has come up with a fusion of both. Take a look at his innovative idea and you will be amazed at the brains that have worked behind them. Both the creators of the Rubik’s and LEGO would surely be proud of him.

As Nortmann puts it, in due course the stickers on the cube do tend to peel off leaving the cube ugly and eventually useless. If the stickers were replaceable they would be great. But he went beyond making them replaceable. He exchanged the stickers with 2X2 plates of LEGO. Different colored plates for all the six sides. What you have here now is a Rubik’s cube with LEGO blocks fixed all around them. You can not only solve the puzzle but also use it as a base for other creations.

Initially you might find it a bit difficult to hold the cube but once you have the hang of it, it is just smooth sailing. Besides you would not want to miss out on the fun that this innovative idea carries with it. Not only are simple constructions made on this cube but Nortmann has also managed to manipulate the cube to go beyond. At times he blocks the movements of the two sides making it possible for only the center piece to move. Or there is the top portion bandaged off leaving only the two bottom ones to rotate. And revolving around these bandages and fixing there are numerous mix and match options to be explored.

The building technique being applied here is referred to as SNOT (Studs Not On Top). Since it is being applied with the Rubik’s and LEGO it is termed as Rubik’s + LEGO + SNOT and the result is ‘Awesome’. You simply have no other word for it.

Kudos to Nortmann for this brilliant idea!! Take a look at some more concepts that are based on Rubik design – Rubik Cube Table and Magnetic Rubik’s Cube.