15 Cool Alien Artworks from Etsy

Are you a huge sci-fi fan? Do you like aliens? Looking for some new, awesome, and beautiful art to hang on your walls? Well, the search is over, because I have a list of fifteen cool Alien artworks from Etsy! Ranging from the incredibly cheap, to the unbelievably expensive, there’s something here for every art connoisseur.

Read on to look at the list!

Space Decal

I love how this isn’t just a decal, but a decal that makes the wall look like its bursting open. I think it’s a very cool effect and the image on the decal is beautiful. It really does transform a living room into a spaceship.

Alien Skull With Tentacles

My goodness, if I told you this was hand carved, would you believe me? It certainly is, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. More spectacular pieces from this same artist also appear on this list, because I just couldn’t look away.

Alien Parody of Famous Painting

We’ve all seen this painting before right? But wait, is that an alien instead of a person? I’ve always been a fan of taking already famous pieces and seeing them altered into something new. It’s a silly painting, but it’s impressive all the same.

Alien Predator Wood Engraving

Another gorgeous wood artwork that I just can’t get enough of. This one is recognizable as a character from the Alien movie franchise. Fitting for an article dedicated to aliens right?

London UFO Invasion Lino Print

I love this unique artwork. I don’t see art like this too often, as its a style that doesn’t seem to be all that popular, but look at its simplicity. It may be simple, but it’s intricate and detailed at the same time. The scene its portraying is great too, an alien invasion on the city of London.

Gray Mass of Tentacles

So when you look at this one, what do you see? I see a gray mass of tentacles, which is why I titled it this way, but the thing is, it’s a bit abstract. Not everyone is a fan of abstract art, but I like how it’s up for interpretation, and that there’s something eerie about this painting.

Cute Little Alien

By far the most adorable piece of art on this list, I had to include for those of you who are looking for less creepy alien artworks. It’s perfect for decorating a child’s room as well. Gosh, I can’t stop thinking about how cute it is.

Creepy Alien Fish

Speaking of creepy, here is one of the creepiest pieces on the list. By the same artist as the Gray Mass of Tentacles, this one isn’t abstract. We can see that it’s a fish, an otherworldly, terrifying fish.

Ancient Alien Guy

Okay, he’s not an alien, I know. But this is an article that’s all about aliens, so I had to include him. He’s one of my favorite memes ever, and here he is on a poster, looking cute as heck. I know I’d hang this on my wall.

Alien Wood Carving

The third wood carving on this list, and once again, I’m blown away by how fantastic it is. Just breathtaking.

Alien Fish Undersea Painting

I absolutely love the colors on this piece. It’s so bright, vibrant, and fun. It reminds me of the Beatles, “Yellow Submarine.” Remember that movie? This is one of my favorite art styles ever.

Alien in Nightgown Painting

Sexy, or scary? You decide. I think it’s mostly scary, but it’s a gorgeous painting as well, and very unique.

Alien Metal Sculpture

Looking at all this art, I am reminded of my lack of artistic talent. Anyway, look at this amazing sculpture! It’s made out of metal! And it’s made out of recycled material.

UFO Hand Embroidered Art

I love the quote on this piece, and I love how it’s made out of fabric. It’s unique in that it’s not a painting or a carving like most of the items on this list, but it’s all embroidered by hand. Very cool.

Alien on Newspaper

The last selection of the list, and a piece that I love very much.

Did you fall in love with any of this wonderful pieces? There’s tons more to dig through on Etsy, so be sure to have a look there!