15 Ultimate Super Bowl 2012 Gadgets

February 5, 2012 is no ordinary day and unless you are living under a rock (or outside the States),  you would know it’s Super Bowl time.

In anticipation of Super Bowl XLVI, we have listed some of the ultimate Super Bowl gadgets, that will enhance the whole  gaming experience, and maybe even protect you from the wrath of the wife or the girlfriend (wishful thinking). So doesn’t matter if you are Giants fan or a Patriot loyalist, sit back, open a chilled beer (or whatever is your poison) and zero onto your must have gadget for Super Bowl 2012.

Beer Tap System with LCD TV

A beer tap system with an attached LCD, is something men have dreamt for centuries (okay I exaggerate) and now their dream has come true in the form of  the LCD Beer Tap.

Tailgater Backpack Drink Dispenser

Tailgating is only fun when you are drunk. Rest assured, a tank with a capacity of 210 ounces will do the needful.

The WineRack

This drinking contraption is so much better than a boob job! The WineRack lets you sneak your favorite drink to the stadium and give you a rack, that even Pamela Anderson will envy.

BeerPager Remote Control Beer Locator

It gets hard to keep track of things (you are a mortal after all) after a few drinks. The BeerPager comes to your rescue, as it locates your beer, while also keeping it cold.

Clicker Universal Remote with Bottle Opener

A remote and a bottle opener, sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it?  Luckily, the Clicker is a mesh of both.

Cruzin Cooler

No, we don’t advocate drunk driving, but the Cruzin Cooler is the perfect Super Bowl accessory.  This beer cooler also  moonlights as a scooter and is capable of 30 miles per hour.

Element Portable Gas Grill

Grill yummy burgers anywhere, anytime, without breaking your back. This portable grill comes equipped with an 8,000 BTU burner, a cooking surface  of 160 square inches, and even features a push-button ignition.

Excalibur Electronics 7-in-1 NFL Football Remote

We shudder to think of a world without any remote controls. The Excalibur Electronics 7-in-1 NFL Football Remote is perfect for the armchair quarterback or the procrastinator, since it works with most electronic brands.

Krups and Heineken BeerTender B100

No game is complete without beer and if you are a connoisseur of sorts, then the Krups and Heineken BeerTender B100 will provide the ultimate home draught beer experience.

Loudmouth Can Holder


No party is complete without someone being obnoxious and in this case it is your beer holder . This  isn’t  an ordinary can holder , as it features hilarious sound effects and provides a convenient handle for any 12 oz. soda or beer can.

Mitsubishi WD-92840 92-Inch 1080p Projection TV

The bigger the better, at least in the television world. Catch all the football action on a state of an art television, like the Mitsubishi WD-92840 92-Inch 1080p Projection TV.

NFL Protoast Toasters



Do you eat, sleep and dream about football? Then show your loyalties to your team at breakfast time with these cool toasters.


Want to make a complete drunken ass of yourself, but don’t want your sloshed mug plastered all over Facebook the next day? Then, Photoblocker comes to the rescue, as it moonlights as a beer cooler, and also the destroyer of camera and cellphone flashes!

RC Beer Cooler


One of the best things about Super Bowl are the commercials, which are aired during the ad breaks. The RC Beer Cooler ensures that you don’t miss out on any, as you don’t need to get up to grab a drink.

Porta Pizza Oven

The Porta Oven is no ordinary oven, as it plugs into your car, so that you can cook up a storm while driving or even tailgating.