Awesome Fan-Made Trailer For Zelda: The Lost Oracle

A talented Zelda fan has created and animated a trailer for Zelda: The Lost Oracle, a conceptual game for the Nintendo Wii U.Gamers who consider themselves fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise should not be alarmed if they do not recognize the title The Lost Oracle; Vancouver-based artist Joel Furtado made the game up.

Furtado, an animator and concept artist with seven years of experience, has a BFA in animation and currently works for Microsoft. He created and animated an entire trailer for The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Oracle, a conceptual game for the Wii U, according to Technabob.

The trailer runs just under a minute, and features a style of animation not previously seen in any actual Zelda title, though certain features and mechanisms are very reminiscent of the series’ style.

What’s even more amazing is the use of actual Zelda theme music, as well as the Nintendo Wii U logo at the end – some speculate that this logo placement means that Nintendo is actually making The Lost Oracle and accidentally let it slip. Others say, probably more realistically, that the video is simply an incredibly well-done trailer for a game that will remain merely a concept.

However, Nintendo has a history of listening to customers’ opinions, and a proven track record of putting the customer first. For instance, they decided to cut the price of the 3DS shortly after launch after receiving a large amount of criticism. Rumor has it they actually sell each 3DS at a loss partially due to the high cost of materials for the system – supposedly $101 per unit, which does not factor in any associated labor costs.

So while The Lost Oracle for now remains merely an idea, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that it might someday become a real game.