Health Screening Urinals

If all you’re doing in the bathroom is your “business,” then apparently you are a slacker. There’s a urinal design out there that has the potential to give you a comprehensive health screening and a score based on your results. So next time you head to the urinal, think about all the health information that you are wasting.

I’ll admit it, I don’t have a lot of experience with urinals. That being said, Royce Zhang is taking the urinal to a whole new level. He is proposing a urinal that can measure vital statistics, such as sugar levels, white blood cell count, Ketone and pH balances.


Zhang is hoping to create a sleek new urinal with its own touch screen; if you want more information about a specific aspect of your health, all you have to do is press a button. This will be wonderful for any man who hates going to the doctor, but an absolute nightmare for any germaphobe. Seeing as how you will be holding on to your unit while making the deposit, you can only imagine just how many penises you are touching when you select to view more information.


The only thing that could make this urinal any better would be if it came with a disapproving voice that said things like “Dave, have you been eating frosting for dinner again?” and “I’m really not impressed with what you have to offer”. The perfect pairing for this urinal would be the water symphony faucet, which would allow men to wash the urine off their hands in stylish comfort. However, no matter how long you wash, your hands are going to get filthy before you leave the restroom as, according to The New York Times, only 75% of men wash their hands after using the bathroom. Along with your comprehensive health readout, the new e-Urinal should remind you not to touch the doorknobs.