20 Must-Have Geek Collectibles

There’s never enough new stuff for any geeks at heart. You can always try to resist it, but you know that deep down in your heart, you won’t just let your collection count remain the same as six months ago.

Depending on what you love to collect, there’ll be always new stuff for you. So it’s time to add a new collection rack and make space for more! Here are some of the most popular collectibles today for all the geeks out there:

POP Game of Thrones Vinyl Figures

Add Cersei, the Lannister we love to hate, and Jon Snow, the Stark we love to love, in your Game of Thrones collection!

Star Wars Collector’s Gallery Darth Vader 1/8th Scale Statue

You know the force to buy this Darth Vader figure is strong. So, go for it!

Star Wars Ep 7 Rey Mini Bust

Or, about time to add the newer members of Star Wars – like this Rey figure – if you haven’t already.

POP Wonder Woman Vinyl Figures

If you’re one of the people who have not gotten over the Wonder Woman fandom yet, maybe it’s time to be a Wonder Woman merchandise collector. Start with this POP figure of your amazing hero.

Sailor Moon Spiral Heart Moon Rod Prop Replica

With the cartoon series being most famous in the early 90s, it’s highly likely that women in the late 20s to early 30s would be captured by this Sailor Moon wand. Don’t be shy, it’s for the sake of collecting.

Harry Potter’s Wand Prop Replica

Let’s jump from one magical world to another. If you’re one of the people that totally got into the wizarding world of Hogwarts, here’s one to add to your collection: a replica of Harry Potter’s wand.

Iron Man FX Diorama Figure

Regardless if this Iron Man figure would be your Mark one or Mark 125, you know you just won’t get enough of Iron Man!

ThinkGeek Exclusive Captain America Retro Set

If you’re into dolling up your collections, this Captain America collector set is perfect for you.

Marvel: Deadpool 8″ Retro Set

There’s also this retro set from our cool and hilarious hero, Deadpool.

ThreeZero RoboCop 1.0

Before Iron Man and Captain America arrived into the big screen, there was RoboCop.

Marvel Premium Collectible Statue: Wolverine in Snow

A good reminder of the good film “Logan.” Love that film, but this Wolverine figurine for yourself!

Cartoon Network Blind Box

Loved Cartoon Network? Then you must be willing to get any of the 16 figures from their blind box.

POP Westworld Vinyl Figures

The Westworld “figures” are yet again made into figures. If you’ve followed and loved this show from Netflix, you’ll sure know what I mean.

Back to the Future Lights and Sound Mark II Delorean

While we all want to have a Delorean time machine in real life. But for now, you can at least have the Delorean collector’s item.

Legend of Zelda Wind Waker: Ganondorf 1/6 Statue

Start collecting character figures from your favorite video game legend of Zelda. Here’s Ganondorf, which you can start with or add to your existing collection.

Dragon Ball Super Tamashii Buddies Figures

Another collectible for the kids of the 90s:  a Dragon Ball figure.

Batman Batarang 1:1 Scale Replica

Most Batman fans love this classic logo. If you’re one of such, time to get your own too, maybe accentuate your office desk?

Herocross DC Comics Metal Figures

DC fans, raise your hands! Here’s Super Man and Batman figures to add to your collection

DC Icons: Harley Quinn Statue

DC fans would not and should not miss out on Harley Quinn, too!

Star Trek TNG Enterprise D Ship

Here’s to Star Trek fans: an Enterprise D Ship dsiplay.