2017-2018 Coolest College Student Planner

One of the best things to prepare for college is to simply have a student planner. If you’re looking for the best and most productive college student planner for 2017-2018, you’ve come to the right place. From simple, girly, modern, artistic and colorful student planner—we’ve compiled it all for you.

With its styles and designs, you’d feel productive in writing all your plans and tasks. From monthly, weekly or daily, you won’t have to forget a specific task anymore! These planners are also applicable for high school students, employees, business owners and anyone who simply needs his plans to be sorted out.

It’s time to write down scheduled exams, assignments, projects, and presentations of each class on a stunning college student planner and you won’t have to experience the rush of doing tasks due to delay.

Soft Pink Student Planner

If you’re a fan of pink, this printable student planner is for you! You can enjoy filling out numerous blank fill-out notes and columns. From monthly, weekly and daily, you can sort out your monthly goals, assignment tracker, project planner, semester schedule, important dates and other class information.

Artistic Student Planner

This all-in-one monthly calendar will bring out the most productive you! The calendar comes with weekly scheduled course tracker, daily planner, project tracker, login and password tracker, brainstorm sheet, debt tracker and more! It’s designed with sweet, cute and artistic styles that student who loves creativity will find it adorable! It’s a perfect gift for any college student as well.

Handmade Stylish and Simple Planner

If you’re prone to errors, and you’re trying to avoid some messy pages as much as possible. Have this planner on your bucket list. The planner is updated and it’s flexible as your job is to only fill up its columns and notes. There is plenty of space for you to add, and you won’t have to run out of things to write. It’s suitable for everyday use, and you can bring it with you anywhere! It’s simple, lightweight, and can be used for a long time.

Bold Colored Student Planner

If you want a fun student planner with you, you might have wanted to take a look at this bright and colorful gypsy print with scattered wild flowers around the pages! The planner is featured with an original art that is laminated for protection with spiral bound and inside pocket. It’s time to get organized, but at the same time, get artistic with this awesome planner. It’s an excellent gift for students who love flowers all over their possessions as well!

Student, Fitness, Meal and More Planner

If you’re looking for more than just a student planner, this planner has got it all! From health, fitness, meal, financial and budget planner, and automatic grade calculator and tracker. Sort out your life together with all in one planner, and it’s definitely everything you need. Feel productive with a simple and intuitive planner that will definitely help you keep your life get organized.

Crossbow Student Planner

You’ve got yourself 11 different types of planner pages that are ready to print anytime and anywhere. These planning kits will always fulfill all your school plans, events and other tasks that are designed with simplicity and minimalist. Choose the page that you love and walk into your local print shop and print away! These are also great for your bedroom wall that is easy to write on.