Sthreeam Brings 3D Cameras To iPhone

Over the last few months, more than a few developers have seen the potential behind the camera that comes with the iPhone.  Now one developer has come up with a way to turn the iPhone into a 3D camera.

Kickstarter has been a fantastic place for upcoming developers to get their products into the market.  One of the better products that has recently gained backing is the GoPano, which is an attachment to the iPhone that will allow users to shoot video in 360 degrees simultaneously and that particular device got almost 200% more investments than it was looking for.  Of course there are iPhone cameras that weren’t created using Kickstarter like the Red Pop camera attachment that makes your iPhone more of a point and click digital camera.

Still, Kickstarter is kickstarting another iPhone camera project in the form of the Sthreeam device which is geared towards allowing you to shoot 3D video with a regular old iPhone.  These particular videos can be shown on regular televisions with the help of the red cyan glasses and can be broadcast on some special 3D televisions.

There are actually a few different Sthreeam models depending on what you are looking for.  The Sthreeam 5.0 is actually the device that attaches to the iPhone and creates 3D video.  The Streeam 3.2 actually takes 3D photos but does not have the capabilities to shoot actual video.  While the Sthreeam 5.0 is currently under development there is a chance to get the device for a song compared to what it will cost when it goes on the market.  The Sthreeam 3.2 will be able to be purchased for $50 if you choose to back the project, while the developer, Engineea says the device will cost $64.95 once it hits the open market.  The Streeam 5.0, the video camera can be had with a $70 investment while the device is currently in production.  Engineea says that the Streeam 5.0 will cost nearly $90 once it hits store shelves later this year.

Unfortunately, both Sthreeam devices are still in very early development, which means that  no one knows exactly when the products will be made available.  However camera attachments like this have been pretty popular and should be able to be perfected fairly quickly.