Kno App For iPad Could Revolutionize College Reading

Sometimes it surprises me that what Kno has done with their new app for the iPad took as long for a company to do as it did.  Textbooks have always been the bane of a college student’s existence and Kno attempts to lessen the burden to some degree.

Of course we all know just how many fun things someone can do with the iPad.  With each iteration of the Apple tablet more new features are coming out that are nothing but impressive.  With each passing day we get apps that allow us to talk a walk down memory lane by watching videos from various eras or all sorts of different entertainment.  We also have plenty of apps that help us work in our daily lives but one spot that hasn’t really been touched yet is apps to make taking classes that much easier.

There have certainly been apps that have allowed a college student to plan their day better, but until Kno’s new app there wasn’t an app to make actually taking a class that much easier.  Kno very recently released their app that at its core is simply a way for college students to save a little money and avoid the heft of actually having to tote five heavy text books around all day.

Kno allows you to download the textbooks you need for that next class directly to the iPad so that you don’t have to hit the campus bookstore and stand in line with the rest of the saps who don’t own an iPad.  As an added bonus, because there isn’t the cost of actually printing and binding the books, the texts in the Kno app are usually going to be quite a bit cheaper than the hard copies.  Also, Kno is running a promotion when you join their service that will take the price of the text books even more.  Of course this revolutionary approach does leave out one feature that buying the hard copies has.  You won’t be able to see the digital copies back at the end of the year in order to get a little extra beer money.  Of course, you were never getting anywhere close to the value of the book doing that anyway, so you’re still going to come out ahead using this brand new app.