Open Source Ouya Now Lets You 3D-print Console Cases

Ouya, the Android-powered game console created a lot of buzz last August when it managed to raise $8.6 million with the help of crowdfunding.


It is a tiny game machine the size of a Rubik’s cube and lets you play all the Android games. It costs just $99 and is already very popular among open source game freaks. If you are an Ouya fan, there is more to rejoice. The company shall now offer the choice of 3D-printing your own Ouya console case. Ouya now partners with MakerBot, a 3D printing company.

Users can go ahead and logon to MakerBot’s website The specifications and templates for the Ouya console case are available on the website and you just have to choose how your console shall look. The template allows you to custom design your case, lid and spring loaded button. It is one of the coolest ways to get you started with Android open source gaming and I must admit it is really awesome to be able to play games for free before actually buying them.

As Ouya is small and sturdy, you can even take it anywhere you want and it will not pose a lot of problems. The handy, portable and flexible nature of the console helps you to carry it wherever you please. Moreover, Ouya’s open source policy helps all you anti-consumerists to choose the game you want to pay before actually paying for it.

This is probably one of the coolest ways to get more people to play video games. We had featured and written a post about the Ouya console many months ago. I am sure it would help you a lot to read about it and make an informed decision before purchasing it or the 3D case. So go ahead, and try your hand and open source gaming!