3Dsimo Mini Tool Helps You Draw in Three Dimensions

Having failed to successfully crowdfund their 3D drawing tool back in July, the developers of 3Dsimo mini have decided to give it another try, under new terms.

A few months ago, when 3Dsimo first tried their luck on Kickstarter, they were looking to raise $70,000, but failed to do so within the time frame of the crowdfunding campaign. It must have been because people don’t feel that creative in the summer, as this time around, with a funding goal of $35,000, the company has managed to raise more than $60,000 in the first day, only.

Here’s how 3Dsimo described their multifunctional tool:

“Be the ultimate creator. Create jewelry, figures, accessories, decorations, artwork and so much more. You can even fix any plastic items. As in classic 3D printer technology, molten plastic is extruded from the die and cools down rapidly. It is therefore possible to draw solid structures in the air. There are no material limitations due to adjustable temperature and speed.

Become an acclaimed artist. Express your creativity and start to change things around. Want to decorate a wooden cutting board, spoon or rolling pin? No problem! Turn an old belt, pair of shoes, or jacket into unique fashion piece with your personal touch.

For the engineer within you. You no longer need to buy an expensive adjustable soldering station. 3DSimo mini handles this function, heating up the tip under 10 seconds to an incredible 490°C, while still being safe to handle. Now you yourself can repair a torn USB cable, damaged earphones, or start creating your own electrical equipment.

Shape out anything you want. With this extension, your imagination becomes the limit. Intended primarily for designers, modelers and architects, you can now create functional RC models (aircraft, boats, cars), buildings, art objects and so much more.

The 3DSimo mobile app gives you control over the temperature and speed so you can work with different and sometimes totally new materials. The FREE Android,Windows and iOS app connects to your Mini via Bluetooth.”

To secure one for yourself, head over to the Kickstarter page of the 3Dsimo mini project, and pledge $99 or more. Various kits and creative packs are also available, but at a premium. Deliveries should start in March 2016, assuming that nothing goes wrong by October 12, when the crowdfunding campaign ends.

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