4chan post gets screencapped, sold for $90,900 USD

No one is sure whether 4chan is a force of good or not, but we all agree they’re controversial, and a force to be reckoned with. This was their latest stunt.

4chan art

The Internet is just incredible. Following the events of a crowd-funded potato salad, an eBay auction surfaced showing a framed screenshot from 4chan, the both revered and reviled Internet image board, and it ended up with a winning bid of $90,900. The post in question is not greentext or anything like that, but a user just questioning the definition and evolution of art. Edgy.

“Art used to be something to cherish,” claimed the post. “Now literally anything could be art. This post is art.”

The auction (dubbed “Artwork by Anonymous”) originally asked $500 USD, but mere 36 hours had seen it surpass $10,000. It just kept going higher last Friday, when it got to nearly $100,000. While some might say this is valid criticism of art, others might claim it diminishes its overall value. Regardless, in the middle there’s all of us who find this latest antic absolutely hilarious. Never change, 4chan.

Via Re/code

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