4K Curved-Screen Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Specs and Release Date Are Out

The latest and the latest phablet coming from this Korean tech company is no longer an enigma. Its specs and release date are now official, to the excitement of the company’s fans.

What seems to be the world’s first 4K smartphone will be launched in September at IFA 2014, in Berlin. Samsung decided that this wasn’t enough of a convincing selling point, so it added a curved-screen to the mix. In this context, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the price of this phablet will be exorbitant.

According to The Korean Times, an executive of a Samsung partner mentioned that the company is preparing to launch quite a few devices at IFA 2014, including OLED TVs and a competitor for Google Glass. When referring to the next big thing (this time quite literally), that executive claimed that the Note 4 would be available in two versions. The more expensive one will feature a curved-screen, and will be offered on niche markets, while the flat-screen version will be available for the masses.

Even though Samsung is all hush-hush about this, Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team, revealed that the new Note would have a new form-factor. Now everybody’s expecting the new Note to resemble LG’s G Flex, but I hope Samsung is going to be more creative than that.

From what I see in the following image, Samsung’s Exynos 5433, which will power the Note 4, will be quite powerful, but not enough to take Nvidia’s Tegra K1 down. Handwritten signature authentication is yet another innovative aspect, just in case the CPU wasn’t convincing enough.

The expected price ranges between £550 and £600 (around $940 and $1025), according to PCAdvisor, and I’d say they’re not that far from the truth, at least for the flat-screen version.

Not everything will be changed from the previous generations. For example, the screen diagonal of 5.7-inch from Note 3 seems to be a keeper, even though people believed that Samsung would go for something bigger, in the 5.9-6-inch range.

Evleaks claims that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come in the same colors as the S5: Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue and Copper Gold. Judging by the reaction people had on Twitter, I’d say that this is not the best idea in the world. The Copper Gold version of the S5 was considered particularly ugly, so following this trend won’t help the manufacturer gain many fans. On top of that, recent leaks suggest that the next phablet coming from this Korean company will have an aluminum case. That would surely set it apart from the rest of Samsung phones, which are pretty feeble, to be frank.

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