BigBoy Advance: GBA becomes a very literal giant

When it comes to DS and 3DS, users get to pick between the regular and XL versions of the consoles. We sort of wish this had been the case with the GBA, though.


A lot of modders are into the whole “turn your home-console into a portable experience” shtick, but Bacman’s Bacteria decided to go around it the opposite way. He modified a Gameboy Advance unit to give it a huge 8? 4:3 screen. That is bigger than a Nexus phone or even a PS Vita! He dubbed the project BigBoy Advance, and now we get to show you guys some of what makes it so special.


Creating this baby was rather nostalgic for the modder, as his first project had been another GBA unit. He said the end result hadn’t been as good as he expected, mainly because of the parts he used and some odd decisions that shortened it’s battery life amongst other things, but it made him a better modder in the process. Well, it shows, because this piece looks fantastic.


You can see the BigBoy Advance functioning in the video below.

Via: Technabob

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