6 Disturbing Theories on Kid’s Cartoons

Sometimes, what you see is what you get. But people like to dive deeper into the rabbit hole, coming up with extreme yet logical theories to children’s movies, shows and characters that ooze of creepiness if they’re actually true.

Wall-E is the One Who Destroyed Earth


According to one Reddit user, he’s pure evil:

According to him, the recovery act for Earth went well until one unit went rogue. This unit wasn’t very good at its designated job, failing to crush particular object, instead keeping the trinkets as treasures. This rogue unit began destroying all the other units and cannibalizing their parts. Not enough Wall-E units were left to combat the growing problems of Earth. The reason why there is still so much trash on earth despite 700 years of compacting is because all the other compactors were killed early on and thus for 700 years only 1 unit has been working on the trash instead of a whole plant worth of units.

Aladdin Genie & Salesman? Same Person

Aladdin Conspiracy

According to some viewers on Reddit, the salesman who tries to pawn off the genie lamp and the genie himself are the same person. A) They’re both voiced by Robin Williams. They both wear blue with a red line at the waist. Facial hair? The same. They’re also the only two characters in the film with just four fingers.

Totoro is the Angel of Death

My Neighbour Totoro

The longer version of this theory is here, but to make things short, anyone who sees Totoro will die. The mother is an a hospital for the terminally ill, the girls have no shadows, and the final scenes aren’t an epilogue, but somewhat of a ‘before’ picture, showing happier times.

Dr. Claw is the real Inspector Gadget

Dr. Claw

According to this theory, Dr. Claw is actually the real Inspector. How is it possible? Inspector Gadget we know is robotic recreation of the real thing, which was horribly injured and disfigured, causing Penny in her grief to recreate him via robotics.

The Smurfs are White Supremacists, Among Other Things


Based on similar fashion choices to the KKK (the Smurfs wear pointed white hats, except for their leader, who wears a pointed red hat). There’s also the Nazis/Anti-Semite allegations, based on Gargmel having a big nose, dark hair and loves money. There’s also his cat, Azrael, which is also the name of the angel of death in Jewish tradition.

Charlie Brown is Dying of Cancer

Charlie Brown

According to this theory, the baldness is a result of cancer treatment, and everything that keeps going wrong for Charlie Brown isn’t really happening. He’s imagining everything, but letting his sadness take over his imagination.

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