6 Weird and Geeky Gadgets You Would Love To Try

If you are a sworn geek by heart, you most probably love some novelty items and rare gizmos that you and your fellow geeky and trendy friends will find extraordinary! We scavenged around our haven (online stores) to bring you the funniest and coolest gadgets that you’ll love! Prepare to be amazed by the top products that are out of the box but are amazingly useful! Who would have thought that such item exists? Other people might find it weird and funny, but a real geeky person finds these items as helpful.

Q-gadget KB01 Touchpad Glass Keyboard

Best Funny Weird gadgets Q-gadget KB01 Touchpad Glass Keyboard

Prepare to embrace the modernized new generation using a keyboard which is made of glass! On top of being so pretty and neat, this item is ideal for people who works in front of their computers because no one will no longer hear the sound of ou typing on your keyboard! It is like a keyboard with a touchscreen. Isn’t it sweet? The classy and techie design is absolutely an eye candy too!

Sokai Jet Clothes Cooling Fan

Best Funny Gadgets Sokai Jet Clothes Cooling Fan

Say goodbye to that sweaty and icky feeling during the summer season with this portable air-cooling ventilation that you could actually attach to your clothing. It’s lightweight, portable and compact–everything you need to stay cool during the hot summer season! Perfect for our geeky friends who are required to wear long sleeves during the summer season. No more carrying handy and portable mini fan that is a hassle at times. Say hello to something that will keep you call with little human intervention needed!

Smapon Communication Toy

Best funny Gadgets Smapon Communication Toy

There are times that we are so consumed in our geeky world that going out and making friends seems like a big effort. If you ask me, I’d rather be online browsing or gaming rather than trying to meet different people. Well, that is not the sole purpose of this communication toy. It keeps you company anytime anywhere so you will never feel alone. Isn’t it sweet to always have someone who will listen or talk to you? Say hello to your new best friend who will never betray you or spread your secrets.

Eco Melody 3201 Toilet Sound Blocker

Best Funny Gadgets Eco Melody 3201 Toilet Sound Blocker

Isn’t it embarrassing when you have a loose bowel movement and everyone outside can hear those awkward bowel sounds? It’s almost that moment when you would like to disappear in an instant! We all wish that such gadget exists (to make us disappear) but unfortunately, we are still in the century of figuring that one out. We have the next best thing, though–Eco Melody 3201 Toilet Sound Blocker! It gets rid of those embarrassing and unwanted bowel sounds and lets you focus on the task at hand!

Influenza Saver Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Best Funny Weird Gadgets Influenza Saver Ultraviolet Sterilizer


A real geek knows that biohazardous bacterias and viruses can be lurking anywhere! It may not be as blockbuster-worthy microorganism as the zombifying viruses that we watch on movies, but still, it can be equally harmful. This UV light can be used with all your gadgets and gizmos–especially those ones that we used daily such as your keyboard, smartphone, etc. It’s also super cool anyways since it looks like a handy blue lightsaber if you’d ask me.

Color Catch Pen

Best Funny weird gadgets Color Catch Pen

Are you familiar with the old time color-pick tool from the paint application of Microsoft? This is exactly what this pen does, but even better! It picks the color of any physical and three-dimensional objects such as fruits and other objects you can think of and this pen will analyze the color so you could use it in coloring using a tablet. It’s perfect for kids and kids at heart!


Other people might think that these novelty items are unnecessary. For a real tech-junkie out there?These are a collector’s item that we should all try because these are items that will make our lives easier with a geeky style!