6thfinger Mimics Human Touch in Tablet Games

How can you stay away from the tablet games you enjoy playing so much without losing progress? Either you pay someone to tap the display for you, or you buy the 6thfinger electric finger for capacitative screens.

Just when you thought that there’s no more room left for innovation as far as mobile gaming peripherals are concerned, Wayne and Danny, two creative minds based in San Francisco came up with a new accessory for tablets that makes interrupted games a long forgotten memory. Tablets are a relatively new thing, and mobile gaming even more so, but it’s picking up very quickly, and the cases where such mobile devices are used exclusively for business are limited. In this context, a way to keep games going even when AFK (or AFT – away from tablet – as it would be more appropriate in this case) needed to be found.

Here’s what the two developers had to say about their product:

“We developed the 6thfinger because of our love for mobile games. We longed for something that can keep the game active while we have to step away. It was to our surprise that there is no such thing out there in the market that can react to the capacitive screen on its own. That is why we decided to start this project to create a first of its kind device that can benefit gamers like us at a relatively low cost.

6thfinger is a portable device which interacts with a capacitive touchscreen as if your finger is tapping and turning the screen in a random pattern. The 6thfinger does not require any battery or power outlet, and is ready to use right out of the box. Light weight (35g) and compact, the6thfinger can be used on any capacitive touchscreen device big and small, indoor or outdoor. Made with high grade aluminum and durable components, you can trust that the 6thfinger will work for you for a very long time.”

The gadget is currently featured on Kickstarter, where the developers are looking to raise $12,000 so that the 6thfinger becomes a reality. The price ranges between $12 and $22, depending on how quick you back the project since the crowdfunding campaign has started. Assuming that the campaign is successful, all backers who have pledged enough to secure a 6thfinger for themselves will receive it in January 2015.

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