amphiro b1 Helps Save Energy When Heating Water for the Shower

Take a look at your household bills and find the most expensive source of energy. Now think how much the amphiro b1 energy tracker and smart meter could help you save.

It was about time someone developed a device that could help us save some money on our bills. amphiro b1 connects via Bluetooth to all sorts of mobile devices and lets users know about the energy efficiency of their water heating system. The visual feedback provided by the companion app of this energy tracker and smart meter helps us become more conscious about how much water and energy we’re using.

This is what the developers of this gadget had to say about their product on Kickstarter:

“Did you know that water heating accounts for the largest share of energy used in an average household right after space heating? Water heating uses much more energy than lighting, cooking, refrigerators, consumer electronics etc. The good thing: if you are aware of it, you can take control – the valve is always within reach.

You can enable amphiro b1 to send data automatically to an app, making energy saving while showering even more convenient. Data can be accessed via smartphones, tablets and computers. The receiving device requires Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1 (see the hardware specifications of your device).

The amphiro b1 app is the perfect addition to the smart meter. Here you can track your consumption in real-time and see your history and consumption trends. Set your own saving goals and work on pursuing them. You can also challenge a friend and find the energy saving champion.”

The crowdfunding campaign will run until December 18, so you still have a couple of weeks to back the project. Should it be successful, you will get your energy tracker in May 2015, provided that you’ve pledge £49 (approximately $75) or more.

If the kitchen and the living room have already had their share of smart devices, it’s time for the bathroom to become smarter. With the help of such devices, we can minimize our impact on the environment (of course, it would take millions of users to make a noticeable difference), and in the meantime we would also feel better while doing so. I’m looking forward to seeing more such devices that help us save energy and lower our bills.

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