8 Mashups of Real Life Villains & Comic Book Supervillains

While the choices made by Brazilian artist Butcher Billy in regards to who he wants to display as a real worl villain might be debatable (throwing in Bush into the same list as Hitler), it does work in the artistic vision to say the least, with Supervillains mashed up with dictators, terrorists, a murderer and Bush.

According to the creator of these works, Some might say all art is a reflection of the times we live in. If back in the day comics and movies were pretty naive and faced only as pure escapism, today’s fiction has to evoke reality to create something truly meaningful… and frightening.

Adolf Hitler & Galactus

Hitler Galactus

Charles Manson & The Joker

Manson Joker

George Bush & Two-Face


Muammar Gadaffi & Bizarro

Gadaffi Bizarro

Mao Zedong & Darkseid

Mao Darkseid

Osama Bin Laden & The Green Goblin

Bin Laden Green Goblin

Mark David Chapman & Doc Octopus

chapman & doc

Joseph Stalin & Kraven the Hunter

Stalin Kraven

For more on these works, with the option of buying the T-shirts, simply visit the Behance page of the artist. For more awesome Supervillain (and heroes, to be honest) art, here are 19 comic book characters protrayed during their childhood days.