The Acer Aspire R7: Pretends to be a laptop, does more

If you thought laptops design was getting stale, or if you’re tired of trying to fight the right angle to fight off glare, look no further than the R7!


When you see the R7 for the first time, you may think that the flipped trackpad and keyboard are a little off, but what you may miss from the picture is some of the most remarkable changes that Acer brought to its new take on the laptop; the Ezel hinge. Giving you complete freedom to twist, turn and flip your screen around, you’ll never awkwardly crane over your laptop, or twist around to find the right angle when the sun hits your screen. Better yet, you can flip your screen over, show your friends behind you without twisting the whole device around. With an asking price around $1000, the R7 delivers nicely in performance with 6GB of RAM and an intel I5 processor, giving you plenty to work with outside of your gaming habit.


The R7 features a fully functional floating touchscreen, so you can go into pad mode without a problem and keep using your device to make sketches, take notes, or take a little less space on your desk, or at the local Starbucks.

Although the Aspire R7 does boast some really awesome new features, it isn’t without its problems though, many reviewers around the web (such as The Verge) are stating that the trackpad placement really is a bit awkward, and that the power button is a bit too sensitive for its use. Nonetheless, the windows 8 powered laptop-tablet hybrid is bound to make some waves in the portable market, even though it may have aspired to be something a little too grand. Still, if you’re looking for a change, or just want to turn some heads with a cool new device, Acer definitely delivers on the hype.

Source: Acer

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