Asus VivoMouse: The All-in-One Pointing Device for Windows 8

The Taiwanese company couldn’t have missed the event that takes place these days in its home country. At Computex, Asus launched the world’s first mouse-touchpad hybrid for Windows 8.

This device could prove in time to be the ultimate pointing device, provided that operating systems such as Windows 8 take the lead. The sleek design and the fact that it’s wireless supposedly make it very easy to use. VivoMouse might be the first of its kind, but anyone who has ever used a touchpad and a normal mouse would be able to handle it right away.

VivoMouse appears to be very slim, and its dimensions of 5.3″ in length, 3″ in width , and 1″ in height leave no doubt about that. The sensor and its other specifications are not particularly out of this world, but they’re not bad, either. Asus’ tracking device packs a 1200 dpi optical sensor and works in the 2.4 Ghz band. That being said, VivoMouse had better not interfere with any remote controls people might have, as that’s also the radio frequency used by those devices.

The innovative design and the interesting combination of trackpad and mouse might be enough for ensuring the success of the VivoMouse. However, such a device is practically useless for gamers who rely on quick reflexes to deliver fatal hits to their enemies. Also, they would find the 1200 dpi optical sensor quite risible as modern gaming mice pack sensors capable of as high resolutions as 8400 dpi. Most likely, gamers wouldn’t even take the VivoMouse into consideration when looking for gaming peripherals. At most, they would probably point and laugh (pun intended) at it.

Instead, the VivoMouse would feel at home in the living room, alongside a modern entertainment system also made by Asus, obviously. The one pictured above is pretty much what Asus had in mind for the perfect set up. The device is multitouch enabled, much like the modern trackpads on laptops and ultrabooks. By using two fingers on the upper side of the device, people would be able to pinch and zoom.

Asus has yet to make public the price and release date for the VivoMouse and the other members of the Vivo family. Since smart TV and entertainment system users do a lot of typing these days, maybe Asus should also consider creating an innovative keyboard to keep its pointing device some company.

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