High-School Student Builds $2000 Submarine

Prices of working tech these days seem to have sky-rocketed, but one high-school student has found a solution and has built a working submarine for just $2000.

Teen Submarine image

What are the habits of most high school students? Hanging out with friends? Doing their best to avoid detention? Actually studying? For some that may be the case but for one American teenager, the itinerary included those things plus the unusual task of ‘building a cheap submarine’.

Named Justin Beckerman, the creator of the sub in question hails from the East Coast, in the state of New Jersey. The teen decided to take the construction and design of a fully functional one-man submarine upon himself because “[He] wanted to see if [he] could do it. It combined so many different aspects of things that [he] had worked on in the past”.

A talented inventor whom has been working on creations like these from a very young age, this latest project may be his finest one yet. Called “The Nautilus”, the one-seat marine sub allows for effective underwater exploration for 2 hours of up to 30 feet and can travel at 1 and a half miles per hour. All of this is handy as Beckerman says that he would like to use the Nautilus to “explore the lake, see fish and hopefully find a bit of history” in the body of water near his home.

What’s more impressive than the sub’s features are its components. Crafted from home items and materials, the Nautilus cost the teen no more than $2000 and took just 6 months to build. Amongst the Nautilus’ pieces are ordinary drainage pipes and even parts from a recycled skylight. Some of these scraps of materials make up the Nautilus’ warning system, which includes ; a siren, back-up batteries, strobe lights. all-important breathing apparatus and even a pump that fights leaks, should anything go wrong in the cheap, water-based vehicle.

The creativity doesn’t stop there either as the Nautilus too includes ballast tanks to maintain the vehicle’s depth, air vents that gather oxygen from the surface, and curiously. it has a PA system too.

To say that the Nautilus is a home-made marvel is to say the least, and you can colour us impressed. Go here for more of Justin Beckerman’s creations.

Source(s) : CNN, justinbeckerman.com

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