Acoustic Poetry: Helping Connect with the Surroundings

When product designing branches out to incorporate a social cause, the value of the product increases multifold. The Acoustic Poetry device is one such product.

Being hearing impaired is a physical deformity that can have a serious psychological effect as well. Not being able to hear the ambient sounds, it throws an individual completely out of place. He or she might be physically present, but mentally absent. The Acoustic Poetry device designed by British designer Michail Vanis aims at bridging this gap.

Vanis has come up with a device that can capture ambient sounds and send it over to an interpreter. The interpreter studies the sounds and gives a detailed description of all sounds. The best part is that the sounds are described in poetic form making the message all the more charming.

The Acoustic Poetry device is a concept that includes a wooden box. This wooden box plays an important role in helping deaf persons get connected with his/her surrounding. When the user wishes to ‘hear’ the ambient sounds he/she simply slides open the device and lets it record all the different variety of sounds being produced in the vicinity. It could be a bird chirping, a spoon falling, a tree rustling etc. Once the sounds are captured the user sends over the sounds to a human interpreter sitting on the other side of a mobile network. This human interpreter carefully goes through every recorded sound and puts them down in words. The sentences are so structured that they take the form of poetry.

This poetic interpretation of ambient sounds is sent back to the user and received on the wooden device once again. This device acts as a perfect communicator for a deaf person unable to connect with his/her surroundings. Not only does it capture the sound but also aids in delivering an interpreted version to the user.

This product concept by Michail Vanis is a step towards realizing that designing a product need not be limited to designer goods. There are many designers out there creating designer furniture, accessories etc. It is all for the sake of looks and beauty. There are also other different group of designers who venture out into taking up the troubles of others with an aim to make a difference in their lives. You never know what one small change could mean to a physically impaired person. It could give a whole new meaning to life.

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