Braille Card: A Credit Card For The Visually Impaired!

For most of the world, it is hard to imagine a world with no sight, leaving many activities that we just take for granted in the dust. Having no way to read, the visually impaired have a hard time shopping and buying even the necessities, but one product seeks to help the visually impaired in a new and innovative way.

Most of us have a credit or debit card, and we usually take the whole process for granted; pick an item, swipe the card, and sign a piece of paper some of the time. For the visually impaired, this seemingly simple activity is almost impossible, having no way to know how much they are being charged, nor a way to leave a signature when required. Designer Kwon Ki Nam seeks to change that though by designing a new type of credit card specifically designed for the visually impaired.

The comic book hero Daredevil was seen in his 2003 movie having to organize everything he owns so he knows where he can get it when the time calls for it, including his money, which was delicately arranged in his wallet and drawers. Clearly, a credit card would have surely been easier for him to use, as well as any other person without sight, though that is nearly impossible to do without the uncertainty of being overcharged. With this card though, the user is able to buy products and not have to worry about being overcharged. When a user swipes the card, the black display will show a braille readout of the products purchased, and the amount charged for said product. Along with that, the card will use a small speaker to readout the total charged and items bought, innovativly changing how the impaired are able to acquire goods.

The question still remains as to how to provide a signature, but the designer has thought of that as well. On the flip side of the card is a small square utilizing fingerprint recognizing technology which will, obviouslly, recognize only the owners fingerprint, therefore eliminating the need for a signature.

This credit card is certain to serve the visually impaired community in a wonderful way, opening new doors for those with no sight and allowing them to gain a sense of freedom that they may have never felt; the freedom to shop and pay on their own.

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Via:  Tuvie