Get the Best Travel Recommendations with Wanderfly 2.0

One of the best Web sites for globetrotters and casual travellers has just been upgraded to the 2.0 version. The update brings social media integration and much more.

The four founders of Wanderfly came up with the idea in 2009, but the first version of the Web site was launched only in October 2010. In May 2011, the Web site already got to the 2.0 version. One thing to remember is that the founders launched this concept in an attempt to make thing easier for travellers. The travel industry is considered rather messy, as it takes a very long time to find offers tailored for each person. However, Wanderfly 2.0 is very intuitive, so finding travel destinations and recommendations becomes an effortless task that requires only a few clicks.

One of the main innovations of Wanderfly 2.0 is represented by the Facebook Connect Integration. Those who do not want to spend time creating an account on this Web site (although this does not take much time, either), can log in using their Facebook account. After logging in, users can easily exchange recommendation with their Facebook friends. Creating polls in order to see which itinerary is the best is also possible. Besides that, it gets easier to organize group trips.

Next, there are the Wanderlists that include places where the users have been or destinations they want to visit. This tool simply takes trip management to the next level. Past and future destinations can be added with great ease. Besides, the users do not have to type in the entire name of the city, as several options pop up as soon as a few letters are entered. Each destination features pictures of the most important landmarks, along with accommodation options and various activities to take into consideration.

Destination forums are yet another new feature of Wanderfly 2.0. A community is able to play a very important role for any Web site, and this one is no exception. Wanderfly forum members can easily publish their trip experience and give or take advices one from the other. As part of the upgrade, the Web application has been redesigned and a result, the users got a five-times faster performance. Not at last, trip themes such as Adventure, Landmarks, Islands and Less Travelled have also been added, since many users requested these.

Now all that users have to do in order to get the best trip recommendation for a specific destination is to enter a start point, the time of the year, as well as an estimated budget and the duration of the trip. After this, they will get not only the best recommendations for hotels, but also for landmarks and things to do. Overall, the upgrade of Wanderfly brings a lot of innovations that will make trip planning a unique experience.

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