Mario Bros In The Real Plumbing World

There’s no geek on the face of the earth who isn’t familiar with Nintendo’s mascot Mario and his brother Luigi. We’re all used to seeing them fight Koopas, Piranha Plants and Goombas, but sometimes the fact that they’re supposed to be plumbers kind of slips our mind. What follows is a series of images that will serve as an amusing reminder.

It would appear worrying too much about Princess Peach has left Mario’s plumbing skills a little rusty, and he ended up making this classic case of a clogged toilet even worse. The cistern depicts the videogames’ famous Question Blocks which contain gold coins, super mushrooms or fire flowers; whereas the base has been made to look as if it were built with Brick Blocks. Perched on top there is a Donkey Kong doll, our favorite plumber’s first known enemy, back when Mario went by the name of “Jumpman” and was a carpenter. Oh, how times change.

If there’s one thing Mario’s good at in his 8 bit world, that’s jumping in and out of 8 bit pipes. This pixelated version of him manages to do just as well with our boring, corroded, three-dimensional ones. Unless a Warp Tube suddenly appears on the tiled wall of someone’s bathroom, in which case Mario will take prompt advantage of it to transport himself back to Mushroom Kingdom.

Scientific research shows that 99% of the times a gamer is provided with a couple of Mario and Luigi figures, they’ll succumb to the temptation of running into the nearest bathroom to put together a scene like these. You can’t deny there’s a certain charming nerdiness to seeing the plumbing bros shrinked down to lilliputian size, attempting to wield a plunger that’s much too big for them or fixing water taps that are as tall as they are.

Finally, the prime example of reality imitating fiction: Real plumbing companies that borrow Mario as a logo of sorts, or are directly named in his honor – including an Italian firm (brownie points for authenticity). The employees ought to wear red and blue uniforms, though that may be taking things a little too far …

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Via: The Plumbing Info