Gigabyte’s New Wireless Mouse Has 1-Year Battery Life

The mouse is one of the most important peripherals on your computer, especially if you’re a gamer. With wireless ones, however, battery life becomes an issue, but Gigabyte is changing that drastically. Most gamers opt for a wired mouse to reduce latency, but for most people who aren’t professional gamers, a wireless will do just fine. They’re also incredibly convenient and free you from a specific desk setup, while being even more useful with a laptop; it’s nice to be able to have total freedom. Wireless mice use batteries, though, and while they often come with a charging dock, many of us only remember to use it when the mouse is already just about dead.

Gigabyte ECO500 Mouse

Gigabyte ECO500 Mouse 2

Not only is the Gigabyte ECO500 wireless mouse really cool looking, it also has a ridiculously long battery life. It features 5 programmable buttons, laser tracking, and an adjustable DPI switch; more importantly, Gigabyte claims the battery will last up to 12 months. Most eco-friendly products (such as many of the electric car designs out there) are inexplicably hideous, whereas this dark mouse with its red LED is, dare I say it, sexy.

It has all the features you’d expect, such as multiple buttons and rubber padding, but somehow does away with the dying batteries in a miraculous manner. Whatever means they used to boost battery life to 12 months (sorcery?) will not only make using your wireless mouse less of a hassle, it will also help the environment by reducing the number of batteries that end up leeching toxic chemicals into landfills and elsewhere. If you’re looking to go green with your computer and its accessories, this is a good and stylish place to start. For more ideas, be sure to check out our articles on this Bamboo Keyboard, Portable Power Cell Charger, and this Eco-Friendly PC Design.