Adventure Time Videogame Footage Reveals Zelda II-like Gameplay

Find out why the upcoming Adventure Time videogame for the Nintendo 3DS is not a drama-bomb, and instead, something you totally should be looking forward to.

Adventure Time 3DS game owl Image

Could this all be a dream? I mean, seriously, how else can you explain the perfect ingredients coming together to form a potentially awesome videogame based on the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. Not only will the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game (there’s also a DS version) have arguably the best developer on the job, but perhaps the best choice with game-style, as well.

The title, slated sometime for the fall, which has a doozy of a title, is called Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?! Here’s the skinny though, WayForward Technologies is its lead developer, who you might all remember from such awesome portable titles like Contra 4, Aliens: Infestation, and Shantae. Really with their talents, I can’t think of any developer more fitting to create a superb Adventure Time game.

And reportedly, they’re working close with Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward to ensure a closely adapted Nintendo 3DS title that should be like a second Land of Ooo for fans of the show, a pretty big plus that cannot be shrugged off, no sir-eee Bob.

Adventure Time 3DS game top down world Image

Neither should the news of – don’t worry, I’ll shorten it this time – Adventure Time: HIKWYSOG’s gameplay direction, which seems to have a lot in common with another young adventurer, who instead of hero Finn’s traditional blue garb, prefers his attire in green. *Shifty eyes* Word on the street is that the game is being fashioned as a spiritual successor to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for the NES.

From the small, and I mean small, bits of footage for the Adventure Time game, it appears that the 3DS title will feature the same top-down world navigation (a perfect choice for a game centered on a TV show that emphasizes grand world-exploration), 2D action segments, and role-playing game touches just as the much polarizing second entry to the Zelda series. Do yourself a favor and never mention Zelda II in front of a group of retro gamers, unless you love arguments that go on-and-on in angry repetitive motion.

I’ll be honest. I’ve never played much of Zelda II, so that’s probably why I find the idea of WayForward cloning the gameplay from that and using it in Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?! keenly attractive like sprinkles on a chocolate cupcake. Hopefully, it won’t be as hard as Zelda II either, which still stands as one of the most anguishly difficult Zelda games ever known.

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