AGA Total Control Jumps Into The Future

The AGA cast iron stove is truly a throwback to the 1930’s when it was first produced. While the design has remained pretty much the same since its inception, a touchscreen addition finally brings the cooker into the 21st Century.

Back in the day the stove took as many as six hours to preheat and reach its top temperature, but the newest version takes only eight minutes. The touch screen panel allows you to control all three of its separate ovens as well as the three burners and you can run them at the same time or simply run one at a time. Of course what sets this oven apart from others that use a touch screen control (despite the simple power that the AGA cooker brings) is that you can also sync this oven with your Smartphone.

With a simple app download which is completely free you can actually wake up in the morning and preheat the oven while you head to the shower. Of course the AGA cooker can also be programmed so that you don’t even need to worry about firing it up when you wake up. Much like the newest coffee pots you can simply punch in a time that the oven will start up and what temperature you want it to reach so that when you walk into the kitchen the food is ready to be popped in.

The AGA Total Control Cooker is made to please just about everybody and to that end there are several different colors that the oven can be purchased in including the basic black all the way up to pistachio colored.

Sadly, if you’re living in the United States and you want to get your hands on one of these wonderful creations you’re going to have to go on quite a trip to secure one. The total control cookers are currently not sold in stores inside the US but with this kind of advancement in cooking will certainly create a huge demand. Of course if you can’t get your hands on the AGA Total Control you can try one of these mini-cookers or you can just go get one of these lounge chairs that simply looks like an oven … just cuz.