Mini Oven Case Mod

One might be forgiven for thinking that this oven is the real deal. In fact, it looks just like the one in my kitchen. No, it’s not for pixies to bake their cupcakes in; instead of pot roasts; this miniature oven processes data. Perfect for accountants who want to cook the books (forgive the terrible pun).

The pictures below show the case in various stages of completion:

NB: Cat not included.

Holes are cut in the back, for fans and ports:

The whole thing is painted, and special attachments are made to resemble the oven knobs and rack:

My favourite part of this mod is the stove-top LEDs that glow blue when lit. Totally convincing, and very cool.

The Construction:

The Finished Product:

The minicooker was created for a modding competition in Poland; the challenge was to create an everyday object that would be familiar to people all over the world. That objective has definitely been achieved here. Here it is, standing beside its larger counterpart:

And here again, with the gas/LED on:

Just in case you forgot that we’re actually talking about a computer, here it is in all its exploded-diagram-like glory:

The ‘warming drawer’ opens to reveal a cd rack …

…and the whole oven door opens to reveal its inner workings:

I have a friend who once put some Camembert in his computer case to ripen and then forgot about it for a couple of weeks while he went on holiday. The smell was…shall we say…overpowering. I certainly wouldn’t let him get his hands on this case; he might absent-mindedly try to make lasagne. But it would certainly be a great thing for any sane person to own. Perfect for a food blogger or geeky chef.

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