Badass Aliens Themed Chess Set

If you’re tired of the same old chess designs that have been around for centuries and want to show of your love of the “Aliens” movie franchise, this might be the chess set for you.

Aliens Two Kings Pieces

The chess set features the most recognizable characters as the major players and is truly ingenious. On the alien side, the face huggers are the pawns, the soldier alien in different attack positions are the knight, rook and castle and the Queen with her egg sack is the king and the Queen without is the queen.

Alien Chess Pieces

On the marines side, the Sentry guns are the pawns, Bishop is the bishop, different marines take the position of rook, knight and queen and loader armored Ripley is the king. It isn’t only the pieces that are ingenious, but the board itself. The game board doubles as a storage space for all the pieces but the design is really what catches the eye. It’s divided into two distinct section. One side has a space station theme where Ripley and the marines start. The other side is the bio-mechanically fused space station where the Aliens sit.

Aliens Board Marines

Alien Board Alien Side

Besides the attention to detail, this set should make any fan squee with joy. You can almost imagine the battle between the two sides and, instead of playing chess, could even reenact some scenes from the movie. On top of that, you can always say that famous line in “Aliens” once the marines get overrun by the alien brood “Game over, man. Game over!” It’s a great time indeed when a sci-fi movie quote can tie in perfectly to a game of chess.

Gold Plated Aliens Chess Pieces

The chess set came out several years ago with a regular and limited edition. The limited edition pieces are plated with 24 kt gold and costs $395.95. The regular chess set goes for $374.99. While it’s pricey, if you play chess a lot and love “Aliens” then the benefits might outweigh the cost. Plus you’ll have a sweet board.

Alien chess pieces

Aliens Board Side View

Overhead view Aliens chess board

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