Steampunk Arthropod Sculptures Depict Human Fascination with Insects

Insects have always fascinated the human mind for thousands of years, and prehistoric art found in ancient caves reveal graphic depictions of insects and their life as seen and understood by early humans.

It may well be the 21st century, and we may well be hurrying towards a futuristic society, but the fascination that we have towards insects and their lives can still be seen across art and pop culture.

Tom Hardwidge, a British artist has used cast off metal objects, scraps, inactivated shells, old pocket watch parts and other such waste-materials to create some of the most beautiful arthropods we have ever seen.

These Steampunk-ish metallic art objects could be used as ornamental pieces and have been rightfully named as ‘Arthrobots‘. Arthrobots have been inspired by real-life insects and they measure between 5 and 20 cm in length. The Arthrobots have been assembled by hand using the above mentioned parts and even certain parts from old ammunition.

The idea was to create Steampunk art influenced by insects with the central idea of popularizing the creation of art using recycled materials. Tom uses small screws and bolts to tighten the sheets and wings of the insects to make them appear as if they are ready to spring into action.

Grasshoppers, mosquitoes, spiders and other arthropods have been replicated in a strange but beautiful manner. The Arthrobots come packed in a lightweight wooden box. The brown paper scraps protect the delicate metallic Arthrobots from being scratched.

Care must be taken while handling them, as the Arthrobots have razor-sharp edges, and you could end up hurting yourself. The Arthrobots cannot be used as toys, and is definitely not meant for kids. You could order these lovely Arthrobots from anywhere in the world by contacting tom. You could also take a look at other Steampunk art objects that we have featured earlier like the Minotaur Steampunk Sculpture, Steampunk Star Wars and Steampunk Girl Microphone.

Via: Green Parenthood