35 Things That Look Like Pac-Man

    Pac-Man is the most widely-loved video game icon in history. The simple, cute yellow-faced, dot-eating character has captured the smiles and competitor-spirit in millions of people since 1980. It’s  no wonder you can find a large amount of Pac-Man-inspired art or the occasional similarity in everyday life.  Without any further adieu, here’s 35 things that look like Pac-Man.

    Pac-Man Meets Nature

    For the sake of argument, even God loves Pac-Man. To prove that we’re taking a stroll through nature’s Pac-Mans. To start off, take a look at these wet Pac-Man lily-pads taken by simple polariods and Duckprints.

    Pac-Man Lily

    Pac-Man lily 2

    And if not God, aliens certainly seemed to have a place in their hearts for the popular icon when they designed one of these crop circles.

    Crop circle Pac-Man

    Heck, there’s even a giant Rock-Man, although it could also be a half-eaten ghoul.

    Rock Pac-Man

    Still, we’re not sure it can beat Jamie’s massive Pac-Man Crevice.

    Pac-Man Crevice

    Nothing says beach like Pac-Man seaweed covered rocks. It appears this green guy is on the…chomp. Groan if you must.

    Pac-Man Seaweed

    Still, if you’re looking for the most perfect Pac-Man in nature, all you have to do is look up at the night sky. Sure, it isn’t always yellow, and it’s not actually made of cheese, but Pac-Moon is still a natural phenomenon.


    And if you’re really reaching, there’s always room for the infamously photo-shopped Pac-Man Island.

    Pac-Man Island

    Pac-Man Food

    Besides nature, perhaps the most appropriate place to find Pac-Man inspiration is in food. That’s pretty much all Pac-Man does anyway, right? Eat, that is. To start off, let us introduce you to Hanzabeen‘s Pac-Casso Man, the breakfast of Arcade and Cubism champions.


    Then there’s the Japanese Cookie-Man.

    Cookie Pac-Man

    Don’t forget Pistachio-Man.


    Waffle Pac-Man


    You knew this was coming, right? Pac-Man Pizza, but of course.

    Pac-Man Pizza

    Speaking of pizzas, what about Pac-Man dessert pies? Here’s three.

    How about a taste of Apricot-Man?




    Even more appropriate for Pac-Man look-alikes is the character’s alternative diet of bonus points, and by that we mean fruit. A true Pac-Man fiend would never go a day without these high score-worthy treats.

    Melon-Man. Peach, Peach, Orange?


    kkkelsy’s Watermelon-Man eats tennis balls.


    All right, this one is actually a vegetable. But really, who doesn’t love cucumbers and carrots for a mid-day snack. Cucumber Pac-Man approves.

    Cucumber Carrot

    Patchworkbunny’s Satsuma Pac

    Satsuma Pac-Man

    Practical Pac-Men

    I don’t know about you, but I’m plenty full at this point. It’s best we move on to something more materialistic. Meet Tree Stump Pac-Man.

    Tree Pac-Man

    Palmu’s “Damn you Pac-Man”, AKA Broken Glass-Man

    Broken glass Pac-Man

    Another glass Pac-Man bites the dust

    Broken Glass

    The Anti-tobacco Pac-Man lobbyist. He won’t table this issue.

    Quit-Smoking Pac-Man

    The bookshelf is greater than the idiot box. Make sure to get this bookshelf for your kids to let them know whose boss when it comes to reading time and homework. If that’s not enough, get them a Pac-Man light to read under.



    PacMan-ized Logos

    Pac-Man may be licensed and trademarked by Namco, but this hasn’t stopped others from playing around with the character in other logos. Have a look at this fun LG Pac-Man rearrangement.


    Troutfactory got a shot of this Pac-Man-inspired logo.  Lawsuit pending?

    Pac-Man-inspired logo

    This bus stop logo has a bit of unintentional Pac-Man resemblance.  Look hard.


    Credit Cruncher indeed.

    Credit Cruncher

    Other Cool Pac-Man Lookalikes

    We’ve certainly run you through the gauntlet of Pac-Men, so we’ll ween you off with some miscellaneous leftovers we found around back.

    Easel Pac-Man

    Crystal Pac-Man

    Crystal Pac-Man


    Condensation Pac-Man

    We wrote about this nifty Pac-Man sculpture a while back, and we’re dubbing him Formaldehyde-Man.


    Last but not least, all Pac-Man fanatics should be sure to be fashionably relevant when the E3 convention starts up next week. Get your Pac-Man Heads while their hot.


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