Geared To Transform – Sega Game Gear LEGO Transformer

Move over Autobots and Decepticons, the next battle between robots in disguise takes the old-school console wars route with this Game Gear LEGO Transformer.

Sega Game Gear Lego Transformer by Baron Von Brunk image 1

When graphic multimedia artist and purveyor of awesome sideburns Baron von Brunk created a pair of LEGO robots that transformed into a Nintendo Game Boy and Tetris Cartridge (Domaster and its Tetrawing), I would have expected that his next set to continue the natural progression, console-wars wise.

On that note, Brunk doesn’t disappoint. Feast your eyes on the treacherous Segacon “Gearhead” and his micro-minions Supersonic and Knucklepunch, which much like their platform handheld rivals can change into a Sega Game Gear and two game carts.

Sega Game Gear Lego Transformer by Baron Von Brunk image 2

Do they pass the “robots in disguise” portion of the test? Yes, beautifully and completely 100% transformable without breaking a single piece apart. With just like Brunk’s previous Game Boy Lego Transformer and its game cartridges – here, based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Blast – fit appropriately in Gearhead’s rear cartridge slot.

There’s even a battery compartment to snap open on Gearhead too, albeit only two AA battery slots compared to the actual Game Gear’s six battery requirement. But dumb gaming-purist nitpicking aside, everything about this LEGO Transform set is fantastic.

Sega Game Gear Lego Transformer by Baron Von Brunk image 4

I’m probably not alone in saying that I would love to purchase Gearhead. And certainly that opportunity can happen if you head over to LEGO Cuusoo, where you can vote on original Lego projects and make them fully official LEGO products to be sold at retailers, by voting for Brunk’s creations right now.

So please, go show them your love. And show your love by checking out our other geeky topics of the day, like how an actual Master Sword is made and a human brain computer built by IBM researchers.