Amazon Kindle Fire Phone Images Leaked on the Internet

Amazon’s long-awaited Kindle Fire smartphone, which according to a WSJ report is due for release in June, has showed up on the Web in the form of leaked images.

Unlike typical leaked images, the following ones don’t give everything away, as the Kindle Fire phone‘s actual design is hidden by a bulky case. Still, the images are enough for giving us an idea about how Amazon’s phone will look like. Some details regarding the device’s 3D interface have also surfaced recently, and there seem to be differences between Amazon’s implementation and the one seen in Nintendo’s 3DS handheld gaming console.

The e-tailer’s approach is believed to be similar to the parallax interface elements in Apple’s iOS 7, just better. The previous rumors about the phone having six cameras are now confirmed by the leaked images. While the resolution of the rear-facing camera is thought to be 13 MP, the technical specs of the others are unknown. Obviously, one of the front facing cameras will be used for video calls and selfies, while the other four infrared cameras, which are placed in each corner of the face, will be able to detect the viewer’s head position and adjust the pseudo-3D content displayed on the screen accordingly.

Spec-wise, Amazon’s phone should come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and 2GB of RAM, but the number of cores and the particular processor model are unknown. If we are to compare Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets with the ones from the Nexus family, the e-tailer’s offer leaves a lot to be desired, but that’s not to say that they’re making bad products. Amazon will most probably equip its smartphone with a heavily modified version of Android, in the vein of the one available in Kindle Fire tablets.

Amazon also opted for a 4.7-inch low pixel density display with a resolution of 720p HD. This really makes the Kindle Fire phone a mid-range product, as the competition’s offers pack either 1080p or even 4K displays.

The major selling point of this phone remains the 3D interface, and that’s exactly what will set Amazon’s device apart from the competitors. It goes without saying that the e-tailer will have to work together with app developers to make as many apps compatible as possible. There is also a major downside about this device, namely its availability limited to the US, in the beginning.

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