Wristify Puts an Air Conditioner and Heater Around Your Wrist

At some point, all of us are found in situations when it’s either too cold or too hot. Wristify is a wearable bracelet that makes it easy to regulate your body’s temperature.

Nine months after the beginning of Intel’s Make It Wearable Challenge, 10 teams still compete against one another to create the perfect piece of wearable tech. Judging by the name of the competition, this sounds more like a challenge to convert existing objects into wearables. Anyway, Wristify, the smart bracelet developed by one of the finalist teams, is certainly a worthy competitor, as it achieves something that hasn’t really been imagined before, or at least not in the form of a wearable.

Embr Labs, the developers of the Wristify smart bracelet, created this wearable using a very simple idea. If the blood from a small area of the body, in this case the wrist, is cooled down or heated up within reasonable limits, the brain perceives that the entire body has reached the desired temperature. Currently, the bracelet is but a prototype, but the final product should look like in the above picture.

One of the great things about Wristify is the speed it achieves its results with. Being capable of cooling you down or heating you up at a rate of 0.4 degrees Celsius per second, you’ll be able to get to the perfect temperature within just a few seconds. I assume that the bracelet will feature some kind of a switch, so that users can turn it on or of as needed.

The smart bracelet developed by Matthew Smith, Sam Shames, Megha Jain, and David Cohen-Tanugi, is actually based on the Intel Edison module, which was touted last year as being a Raspberry Pi-killer. If you think that the silver bracelet looks pretty dull, you’ll be surprised to know that it glows blue when cooling the body and orange when it heats it up.

Wristify was built with a cleaner environment in mind. Let’s face it, it would be much more economical to regulate the temperature of individuals than of entire buildings. Supposing that this bracelet will be available in a commercial version in the near future, the impact on the environment should be noticeable.

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