15 Fantastic Lightsaber Tattoos

The internet is still going crazy about the Lightsaber in the new Star Wars movie teaser trailer, so why not check out the people who think it’s an excellent idea to walk around with one on their body for their entire lives?

The popular way of doing it seems to be the fingers. It’s slim design makes it a perfect fit, and not everyone is about showing off their tattoo. Just having a small piece of colorfulness doesn’t piss of the parents too much, and doesn’t seem weird in a job interview.

But there are also those who go all out, and make it seem like there’s a huge lightsaber stuck in their neck, or coiled by a snake. There are also those who team up with someone else, if you’re into the whole Jedi-Sith roleplaying thing.

Lightsaber Tattoo
Snake & Lightsaber One for each hand On the thigh Above & Under Through the Shoulders With Dr. Who On the finger

Don't let them touch Jedi & SIth meet Evil Looking Shhhh On the leg


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