Heroic Stormtroopers! The Marvel Stormtroopers Mash-up

Can you imagine a group of stormtroopers coming to our rescue when evil threatens mankind? Well, apparently someone could.Apparently, Jon Bolerjack was just tired of seeing the Stormtroopers doing nothing but getting their asses kicked and stand around being fooled by Jedi mind tricks, so he thought it was time to spice things up. In order to make them special, he decided he’d give them superpowers and tribute costumes in true mash-up fashion: using the popular soldiers as base, and adding a little of Marvel Super Heroes goodness, this is the result he got. The most heroic Stormtroopers on Earth!

Stormtrooper Captain America


Finally, a patriotic Stormtrooper! Instead of being blindly faithful to the Empire, he stands for American freedom, and the ideals of the founding fathers. The Stormtrooper Captain America is all for freedom and democracy, but urges you to not vote for Palpatine these next elections.

Stormtrooper Doctor Doom


Now, some Stormtroopers are higher in the chain of command than others, but not many are dictators of Latveria. The Fantastic Stormtroopers have found their Match!

Stormtrooper Leonidas


Now, granted, Leonidas isn’t necessarily a super-hero, nor a super-villain (he doesn’t have any powers at all, anyways, except manly, kickass charisma). He isn’t even a Marvel character, really, but can you blame us for including this kickass portrayal of the main character in 300? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Stormtrooper Venom


Although we would’ve preferred a Stormtrooper Spider-man, this Stormtrooper Venom is pretty sweet. We don’t really see much of the symbiont except for the palette and tongue, but it’s unbelievable how well the color fits. We guess it’s too bad Darth Vader had monopolized black in the movies, and the troopers had to set for white. Better luck in the next remake, guys!

Bonus Track: Stormtrooper Venom Vs. Stormtrooper Spider-man


Granted, this image breaks a bit the way the collection looks, but we definitely had to include it. Now tell us you wouldn’t like to re-read a couple of your favorite Marvel stories recreated in the fantastic Star Wars like aesthetic? It would kick all kinds of butt.

This lead came to us courtesy of our friends at Bit Rebels. Thanks guys! If you want to see more Stormtrooper related media, check out the Life-Sized Stormtrooper Cake and A Day In The Life Of A Stormtrooper [Pics].